Step Up Your Safety for Schools!

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Program Details

Step Up Your Safety for Schools supplements workplace preparation education and workplace safety training.

  • Engaging Videos

    Four short videos featuring Candace and real students. Topics include Candace's Injury Story, General Workplace Health and Safety, Psychological Safety & Mental Health, Resilience and Inclusion

  • Segment Quiz

    Section quizzes with multiple choice questions ensure that students have absorbed the content.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Downloadable certificate shows that the student has completed the program - and offers something for the resume!

Program Segments

This video-based program helps to prepare young workers to enter the workplace and work safer. It does not replace the workplace-specific training they need to receive on the job.

  • Candace's Story

  • Workplace Health and Safety - a brief overview

  • Psychological and Emotional Health and Safety

  • Resilience and Inclusive Safety

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