What is Step Up Your Safety, and how is it different?

Step Up Your Safety is a new way of thinking about workplace health and safety. Beyond rules and tools, PPE and regs. Candace knows, to make safety matter, you have to make safety personal. Each person needs to become personally invested - to discover their own "WHY" safety is important.

Every Step Up Your Safety program contains common elements:

  • Personal Stories

    Both Candace's own experience with a devastating workplace injury - AND other relatable anecdotes she's cataloged over the years.

  • Engaging Video

    Short professional video segments that share teachable safety lessons in an easy and absorbing format.

  • Holistic Safety

    Looking at workplace safety as part of the broader picture. How do our beliefs and attitudes 'off the clock' affect our safety culture at work? Considering emotional safety, psychological safety and mental health as part of the picture as well.

About Candace Carnahan

Candace is a leading light in the safety world. With wisdom and wit, Candace presents a new way to think about safety. Through the power of stories, she demonstrates how to use your voice - to see safety as an opportunity not just an obligation.